Review of “Did I Ever Show You How Much You’re Loved?”


Marie Santiago Santos children’s picture book is very soothing to my heart and soul. The pictures or photographs are awesome, delightful and profound. They express the greatness of simplicity. A feeling of awe and wonder is express in every page. The pictures open up my heart and lifted my spirit, feeling love by the arms of the vastness of the sky, sunset, clouds…and the loving sweetness of the author.


Connecting with the natural world is an intimate experience. It calms the body, clears the mind. Opens the heart and lightens the spirit. Nature has a magical way of taking us to this place within.

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Marie Santiago Santos

As an early childhood development specialist, Marie Santos has worked with young children and parents for over 25 years. Her training and hands-on experience have shown her that the formative years of early childhood, when the mind is absorbent and the heart wide open, is an optimal time to ingrain virtues, skills and habits that serve as a strong foundation for a child to flourish in body, mind and spirit. With this guiding principle, Marie has found her work with children to be deeply fulfilling. A love for reading has always been a huge part of her work with children, actively encouraging parents to read aloud to their children. “Reading is the fundamental skill that makes all other learning possible.”